When it comes to fishing, taking a stance can be somewhat risky as you know that some members of the fishing community may disagree with you. We are hook manufacturers, but most of all we are anglers.

One day, we all sat down and started to talk about what drives our work and how that might affect the way fishing is perceived and carried out. With our various cultural and fishing backgrounds, we came together to create something unique.


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In order to be good fishermen, we must also be environmentally concerned. Our environment is already struggling with pollution and climate change.

Fortunately, we have seen a significant rise in the number of people who are concerned about being good stewards of the environment. Even if we are at different stages worldwide, we at BKK have found ourselves on the same path to commitment.

We care for the environment throughout the entire manufacturing process, producing hooks that strictly comply to environmental and safety regulations. We also make sure they are impact-free when you use them and also when you lose them (because we all do).


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It is true that some fishing techniques cause less damage to fish than others, but fishing inevitably causes harm to the fish. There is simply no way around it. It is up to us, however, to decide how to ethically and morally treat the fish with care.

The fishing community is rather divided over this issue, but we are glad to see that the popularity of C&R has been growing at a steady pace, especially where it is most needed: fresh water. We are not C&R fanatics, however, we believe that given the current extent of the fishing pressure, there is no way we can preserve a natural water fauna without practicing C&R.

On top of that, C&R truly focuses on the core of recreational fishing, which relates to the process and the landing of the fish. It’s about being in nature and about the thrill of the fight, rather than about the cooking and eating.

That being said, we would never condemn someone for turning a freshly caught tuna into a sashimi roll. Rules have been established to regulate the amount of fish you can keep, so stick to them. C&R is the choice we recommend, but this will always be a personal choice. Rules simply are not.


BKK Lure hooks,BKK Accessories,BKK Apparel, bkk hooks

Some of us started at five, some at 10, and some quite late in their teens. We can all agree, however, that fishing has been a significant part of our upbringing. Each of us has different experiences, yet we can find common ground in the way fishing has helped enhance personal relationships, and in the way it has shaped a major part of our lives.

We recall the stories from childhood–the ones involving fathers, sons, and grandfathers; Alarm clocks going off too early on Sundays, novices missing fish, unexpected dives taking place, and a whole lot of tangling and snagging.

We learnt to handle expectations, joy, frustration, anger and more contrasting feelings unfolding in just a bunch of minutes. We were taught how to patiently prepare the equipment, tie knots, and wait long hours for that bite.

We realize that even when you are doing your best the outcome can be disappointing. But in other cases, you may just happen to land the fish of a lifetime while having a riverside BBQ with your friends. We learned that shit happens, but so do surprises. We learnt to make ourselves ready when the strike comes, because sometimes you cannot really do much more than that.


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Fishing does address some sort of primitive call you can’t really put into words. When you find yourself covered in rain and squelching in the mud, or standing in the middle of a river with the water up to your chest; when a storm hits your boat and you would just dream of being ashore, or when you wedge yourself through a thick layer of shrubs in some tropical forest. You willingly take yourself out of the shelter of your comfortable routine, chasing the desire to just get by the water and maybe end up landing a fish. The thrill culminates in the catch, but the momentum has been building up since the very moment you thought about going fishing.

We take pride in saying that our hooks play a major role in this process. Behind each design is a dedicated worker committed to figuring out the best way for you to #hookyourdream.